Beginning of Facebook as Social Network

The Idea of Facebook

Facebook was a dream of a young man Mark Zuckerberg and his college mate Eduardo Saverin launched in 2004. It has served as probably the most popular social networking service ever since. Zuckerberg attended Hardvard at the time and wanted to connect the students from his University and initially only Hardvard students could use this service. Later it expanded to all of the Ivy League Colleges and finally to almost all Universities in the US and Canada. Since 2006 this service has become accessible to everyone over 13 and registered for an email address.

beginning of facebook

Before gaining more-or-less its current form, FB has its predecessors. In 2003 Facemash was created and via it users could compare pictures of their college mates and say who did they find hot, and whom not. In 2004 Zuckerberg wrote a new code and he would call the new website theFacebook. This site has only been used in college circles, but it was gradually spreading. In 2005 Zuckerberg’s company purchased the domain facebook[dot]com and left ‘the’ from the previous name of the website out. This social network was initially funded by Zuckerberg and Saverin and via some advertisements. Even though slightly changing and improving, the design of this website and user interface hasn’t changed radically since its infancy. Blue has always been the colour of this network and hardly anyone wouldn’t connect this shade of blue to the now widely used social network. Who would have said that two second-year university students could and would create something that would become so omnipresent, diverse and constantly present in lives both of youngsters and older people? It is hardly possible to find an individual without at least one FB account, and many probably even have more than one account. For example, one for friends and family and the other for work colleagues and business communication. Also, there are many profiles out of use, either because their users have forgotten their passwords, or changed the profile and abandoned the old one, and many have temporarily deactivated their profiles. This is not surprising considering how addictive this network is and that from time to time users probably need to detox from FB go out and meet friends in person or just call them the old fashioned way, via the telephone.

Always free? How’s that possible!

Signing up for this network is free, it has always been free, and it has been promised that is will always be free. Yet, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin have become millionaires. It’s hard for a commoner to get this, but that’s why commoners don’t own pirater un compte facebook nor become millionaires.

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